Race Day 11 March 2017 – Supermotard Report Back

This weekend saw the first round of the Short Circuit Racing @ Killarney. Friday was the official practise and it was a scorcher hitting the 35 degree mark, this made for some very weary riding but none the less the guys all pushed on and got out on the track for some very needed practise.

Saturday morning started early with everyone arriving at around 8am. Setup and ready to go… After the normal formalities of scrutineering, registration and riders briefing the first practise started with the Supermotards.

All too soon we were heading out for our first race! The start was fast and furious with some hard breaking being done into the first 90 degree right hand turn, luckily no one was too excited and we all got through fine. It took a few laps to get all the cobwebs out but soon enough we were all flying around the circuit! A few guys outbreaked themselves into the car park but overall it was a clean and good race.

Race 2 started quite a while later and unfortunately took a turn for the worst when Jayson too a very hard fall just before the cut through. Jayson was knocked unconscious and the race was red flagged. We all stopped at the start line again but were very shaken up by the terrible fall he had. Jayson was taken to hospital and later diagnosed with 7 broken ribs and a collapsed lung. He was put into a induced coma for the lung to heal. We have subsequently heard he is doing ok and will be updated as we get any news. All the riders wish him a speedy recovery.

The restart of race two was fairly delayed but soon enough we were back on track and blasting around the circuit. I think some of us held back a bit as witnessing such a terrible fall does things to the mind. Never the less the race finished without any further incidents.

Race 3 involved a bit more fun and games as some of the faster mod guys decided to start with a delay which made for some great passing of the standard guys. Jurgen Van Onslen took top the top spot for the day in the modified class and Franco Flach took the top spot for the standard class. Very well done to you guys and to all the races who make this possible.

Overall we had a great days racing and fun was had by all the competitors and racers alike.

We hope to see more support and riders as the year goes on. If you are interested in racing in the Supermotard class please feel free to contact shane or call 0832674938.

See you guys on the track soon again.

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Shane Crause
Class Rep Supermotards